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  As a modern large-scale group company, Shandong Lecron New Materials Group relies on the parent company Lecron Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd., a public company, and developed with the advantage of chemical industrial chain. Located at East Chemical Zone, Zhangdian, Zibo, Shandong Province, Jiqing Expressway in the north, Qingdao port in the east, Lecron Group consists of the following core member companies:

  Lecron Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd.

  Shandong Lecron Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

  Shandong Zhuoxing Chemical Co., Ltd.

  Shandong Lecron Construction Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.


  Lecron Group insists on technological innovation, dedicated to the R&D, production and promotion of green chemicals. Product range covers monomer polyether polyol, system polyol for polyurethane foam, polyurethane prepolymer for elastomer, polyurea waterproof and anti-corrosion materials, medical intermediate (mixed spin alpha phenethylamine, R(+)-a- phenylethylamine, L-Phenylethylamine), the third generation polycarboxylic acid water reducer monomer, surfactant, high efficient and eco-friendly high boiling point solvent,(EGDA, BGA) and polyurethane fireproof insulation panel, etc.


  As the work station of Tsinghua University academician, Lecron Group owns the first class technology R&D center of Asian, professional scientific research team and first class production facilities, thus insure our sustainable development in the industry. Lecron Group aims to build Chinese flagship enterprise of innovative chemicals, to revitalize national industry.


  Lecron Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd., the parent company of Lecron Group, was established in Jan.2003, located at East Chemical Zone, Zhangdian, Zibo, Shandong. At August 1, 2012, Lecron successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM. Lecron is focusing on developing and producing polyether polyol, polyester polyol, system polyol, polyurethane prepolymer, and polyurea waterproof materials. Production capacity is 100,000T/A. It also produces polyurethane sandwich panel, having 3 production lines. The company supplies high quality material and characteristic industry solution for construction thermal insulation, pre-insulated pipe, sandwich panel, solar water heater, household appliances and automobile with its strong technical advantage.


  Shandong Lecron Construction Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in construction energy saving insulation, polyurea waterproof protection, and exterior wall decoration. It mainly deals with polyurethane rigid foam for spay outer wall external insulation system, polyurethane rigid foam composite board thin plastering exterior insulation system, integration of insulation and decoration system, integration of roofing polyurethane waterproof and thermal insulation system, large cold storage polyurethane coating and other building energy-saving insulation engineering construction, polyurea new material waterproof protective engineering construction on large underground garage, planting roof, roof waterproof repair, civil air defense project, high-speed rail, tunnel, water conservancy facilities, decorative finish of various coating for exterior wall and real stone paint, workshop floor protection engineering construction. It insists on self innovation in technology research, and play a leading role in construction energy saving. The project of 10 million annually polyurethane effective fire proof panels is the largest in this field.


  Shandong Lecron Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicating to the R&D, production and promotion of fine chemicals. Its main products are: electronic chemicals, medical intermediate, alcohol ether cellosolve and other chemicals, widely used in medical, paint coating and other areas. The company has an integrated quality management system and customers service system, and has passed the ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System Certificate and  ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System Certificate. The company takes green and eco-friendly mission as its own duty, insisting on technology innovation. Owning the first continuous production device of EGDA and international advanced technology, the company ensures that the product purity reaches 99.7%, taking a leading position in this field.


  Located at Xinhai Industrial Zone, Wudi County, Shandong Province, Shandong Zhuoxing Chemical Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of fine chemicals, with ethylene oxide (EO) and propylene oxide (PO) as main raw materials. Main products are: monomer polyether for concrete water reducer, triethanolamine, crystalline silicon cutting fluid series, polyethylene glycol series, triisopropanolamine, agricultural pesticide emulsifier, defoaming agent, dispersant and emulsifier and other nonionic surfactants. The company also provides designs, the installation of equipments and automotive engineering for chemical companies. It has strong technical force, scientists and engineers accounting for 20% of the total 200 employees. Having laboratory and the simulation experiment room, the company can supply products according to customers' technical requirements.

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