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By renting an office in an apple orchard, Lecron Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. established in 2003. The hard working spirits is called Apple Orchard Spirits.


Lecron held a safe lead in the market share of system polyol for solar heater.


Lecron broke the long-term monopolstellung of Bayer and Basf and other transnational enterprises in the field of polyurethane panels. 


With the cooperation of academician Jinyong from Tsinghua University, Lecron established the first academician work station in polyurethane industry. 


The brand Jieneng  was awarded the Famous Trademark in Shandong Province.


Lecron successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM. Its per capita output was the highest among the 220 manufacturing companies listed on the stock.


Shandong Lecron New Materials Group established. 

Group R&D centre was set up.

Shandong Lecron Construction Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. established.

Shandong Lecron Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. established.

Shandong Zhuoxing Chemical Co., Ltd. established.


Polyether polyol put into production. Lecron Group covers more than 600000㎡. 2014 Management Year was started, making five year plan of the group. 

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